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As a natural intuitive, I will help you to realign your energy to your life and situation.

working with a holistic approach can give you the tools to make the right decisions for your future.

What our Students say

Angelology online course

The Online Angelology course was really easy to fit in around my busy daily schedule, making it very convenient to simply login and do it whenever I had the spare time.

Angela W - Southbridge NZ

Psychic Development online course

I really enjoyed the web class format as it gave me the same benefits as attending an actual class, but from home.  I had access to the online and written material and was able to bring any insights or questions to the class each week.  It was also great having your support, and the other web class members there, to hear their shared
experiences too. I would definitely recommend and attend another web class,
thank you.

Rachel S - Christchurch NZ

Reiki classes

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I started my Reiki
journey and I'm really grateful to have been on this wonderful learning journey with you.  Reiki is always with me and I feel empowered and grounded now. 

Jones - Christchurch NZ

iFacilitate - presentation skills

This course has given me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and have the belief I can do it. I look forward to putting it into practice.

Phyllis is one of those special people that come into your life and transform you. I will
treasure her generosity in sharing her talent and gifts.

Leanne Malloch - Psychic Development and Soul Journey Teacher

Souls Journey - chakra healing course

In 2016 I attended an evening at Phyllis place that gave me a better understanding of the
type of work she does. I then sign up for the Souls Journey course which was fantastic.  This course gave me a much better understanding of the Chakra system, connectedness and the spiritual realm.

The meditations during the course were superb, and as the title suggests I found it
to be illuminating, encouraging me to think about new concepts, ideas and my

I would recommend this course, and indeed all of Phyllis work at the Phoenix Foundation for someone who is wanting to progress.

Robert N - Christchurch NZ

Crystal healing certificate and Advanced Crystal healing certificate courses

I have done several courses at the Phoenix Light Foundation my first Course I had ever
done was the Certificate in Crystal Healing I really enjoyed the course as I am passionate about crystals and I am so surprised at the knowledge I gained from that course there are so many uses for crystals and I learned so many different
techniques you can use to give a crystal healing on a person.

Zee - Australia

Thank you Phyllis! Your
beautifully put together, structured course has gifted me a wonderful new knowledge base, and I have expanded and continue to expand my understanding of myself, and  with the added benefit of gentle healing as part of the

I appreciate the meditations I have received from you and continue to practice these in my own time- as they are now part of my "toolkit".

I fully recommend your

Christchurch NZ

“I have found Phyllis Brown to be one of the best teachers I have had during this lifetime.  Her teaching is informative,
well organised and well structured, making the courses easy to follow and most

One of Phyllis’s many gifts is to put what may appear to be difficult concepts into an accessible and easily understood form and then
present it in a professional and fun way.

She opens the doors for seekers of truth, encouraging and enlightening each in their own journey.”

Virginia - Sprinston NZ

Mindful Manifesting pre-recorded online course.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course! I have been able to resonate with the teachings, and it has prompted me to reflect on myself and work towards making positive changes in my life. I have a rather negative mindset which I have developed over time as a coping mechanism to avoid disappointment, however, I see from this course now that I must shift this mindset in order to instigate change.

Thank you for your help. I look forward to completing more courses with you in the future!

Serina - Sydney Australia

Angelic Soul Connection - online course

This is a great very touching and learning it open my mind

Brian Thomas - New Zealand