Crystal Healing Certificate

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Crystal Healing Certificate Course The aim of the course is to give you knowledge of what crystals are, their chemical make up and what.. Product #: Crystal_Healing Regular price: $360.00 $360.00 In Stock

Crystal Healing Certificate Course

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I am passionate about the healing qualities of crystals and I am delighted that you have taken this first step in your crystal healing journey. I know you will gain immense pleasure from learning how to use your crystal within in healing session but also in everyday situations. There is nothing quite like unlocking the hidden wisdom of a crystal and feeling its energy radiate throughout your body, home or situations.

From one passionate crystal enthusiast to another, enjoy the journey.

Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD

Founder and Dean of The Phoenix Light Foundation

Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course

The aim of the course is to give you knowledge of what crystals are, their chemical make up and what healing properties they contain. Through our in depth teaching manual, video classes, assignments and quizzes, you will gain an understanding of what crystals are, how to cleanse and use crystals, crystal layouts, healing grids and the healing properties of crystals. You will be given instruction on keeping records and how to analyse the healing for each client.

Please note that a 12 stone crystal kit, pendulum and dowser are required to perform the healing grids within this course, there is a crystal stone directory within the manual of the stones needed to complete the course. As the stones do not come with the course we advise you to look at his section of the manual and gather the crystal ready for use. Pendulum and dowser is of your choosing.  

You will receive:

  • 73 page course manual  contain 4 modules - pdf download
  • Each module contains Assignments and quizzes on the module to check your understanding
  • 4 Video classes with Phyllis Brown demonstrating every aspect of crystal healing, client care and crystal care
  • Certification as a Crystal Healing Practitioner once the course assignments have been completed and assessed
  • 2 x hours contact with course tutor
  • 2 x 30min webinars live chat support with course tutor
  • Study the Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course in your own time and at your own pace
  • Achieve a competency in understanding of crystal healing, how to use crystals in a healing situation and client consultation session
  • 4 modules with ongoing assignments to assess your understanding of the course
  • Gain an understanding of how the crystal energy helps support the Chakra system
  • 12 healing grids to help you start your crystal healing practice
  • Comprehensive client care assessment sheets for a full and beneficial healing session
  • An understanding of the tools needed for a crystal healing * see notes above
  • 12 crystal healing stone directory to help you establish your basic crystal healing kit * see notes above
  • Guidelines on setting up your healing room 
  • By the end of the course you will be able to identify the crystals needed for a treatment, how to lay the crystals out on the client, record your healing findings and how to cleanse and keep your crystals for healing purposes.

The Crystal Healing Certificate Practitioner Course enables you to:

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