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For the past seventeen years I have been creating training programmes dedicated to the development of our innate spiritual and psychic gifts. Each education stream has an esoteric and metaphysical focus designed to expand your knowledge and confidence as a spiritual being.

Every course has a set of aims and objectives which will be met by full participation within the course material. We offer flexibility in how you participate which means we have a teaching model to suit everyone’s learning process:


  • Correspondence modules
  • Online virtual campus
  • Physical classes

Phyllis Brown and Phoenix Light Foundation is a recognised Platinum Training Provider with IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies), a governing body which represents a world-wide network of prestigious educators and trainers in complementary medicine and natural therapies.


Our 5 streams of education are


If you are interested in Angels, Ascended Masters and spiritual teachers, this stream of education will help you develop a deep connection and understanding of these teachers and coaches students how to connect to them to develop their spiritual growth

Crystal Healing

The power of crystals has been known for millennia. The Crystal Healing module will help you understand the healing qualities of crystals, how to use them and will help build your confidence to become adept in crystal healing and taking care of your crystal kits.


Divining the future is not new, it’s a practice that has been passed through the generations for centuries. This stream of education teaches how to identify and develop your Clair senses with instruction on an array of divination tools.

Arcturian Healing

Arcturian Healing is a wonderful healing model that works on a deep cellular level. On this course, you will be guided to create and activate a healing panel and change your thoughts through the mind principles of the Arcturians.


Becoming truly aware of the world around you can be an awe-inspiring experience, to know why events have occurred, why people are in your life and the lessons they bring is a soul awakening process. This education stream will help you understand and unlock the lessons within your life and teach you how to heal and grow from them.

All the education streams we offer are inter-linked to provide students with a continuous experience of expanding their knowledge and allow for progression into teaching or building an esoteric and metaphysical business.

Our dedication to your learning experience means we can support students with webinars, phone support, email and Skype sessions.

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