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The Sacred Path How to be connect to nature? Do you have an affinity with the Native American people? This course.. Product #: The Sacred Path Regular price: $4.99 $4.99 In Stock

The Sacred Path

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The Sacred Path....a journey on the Red Road of Life

The Native American Indians have a culture steeped in history and traditions’; taking the Red road of life is part of their belief system.

The Red Road sets out your challenges and events you must face whilst on your path, this leads to your spiritual development and the completion of your Red Road.

This eBook will start you off by taking you into the sweat lodge, each lesson after that will help release blocks to your future, help you set goals and manifesting the future you want.

There are meditation’s that will set the scene for you and you can immerse you imagination into the atmosphere of a traditional camp, meet your guides and integrate the lessons.

The eBook contains

  • The Way of Life
  • 13 Lessons to integrate
  • Information on the 10 most noted Chiefs
  • Native American 10 commandments
  • History of the Sioux Ghost Dance
  • The four directions
  • Map of the American Tribes
  • Native American art work and symbols

Immerse yourself in the way of the Native American culture and feel fully connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky…start your Red Road Journey today!

Native American Culture that you can activate into your life… Set yourself on your own sacred path.

Step into the sacred space ‘Tepee’ and bring in the energies of the ancestors who will share their wisdom for your spiritual growth.

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