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Tarot for Beginners Step into the history of Tarot, symbolism and how to use the Tarot as a self divination tool. Gain .. Product #: Tarot for Beginners Regular price: $4.99 $4.99 In Stock

Tarot for Beginners

Price: $4.99

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I was introduced to Tarot Cards at the age of 13...for me I loved the images and the words that they inspired in my mind. In the early day's I would ponder on the image alone but through time I realized the colour, image, symbols all lead to a great reading for the sitter.

I have combined my Psychic intitive gifts and developed this easy to use Tarot for Beginners eBook. My aim to get you to look beyond the picture and  intuitively look at the whole card and see the message it conveys for your client.

Giving a reading intuitively will boost your confidence in trusting the words, images, feelings and pictures you see within your Psychic senses!!

I have been giving readings now for over 30 years with clients all over the world..I hope that this self development eBook will help you on your road to being a great Tarot Reader.

A guide to understanding, learning and perfecting tarot card readings, includes

  • Table of content
  • Connecting to our guides
  • Giving a reading
  • Tarot card spreads
  • Symbols and signs
  • Aura colours and meanings
  • Clients and ethics

Self guided course with Phyllis Brown. 

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