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Fruit Salad For Kids Join Sam and Sally as they learn about their Golden Hands and how to use them when they are feeling .. Product #: Fruit Salad For Kids Regular price: $4.99 $4.99 In Stock

Fruit Salad For Kids

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Join Sam and Sally as they learn about their Golden Hands from a fun visitor to their school named Melisa, they learn how to use their Golden Hands when they are feeling anxious or upset. Be part of Sam and Sally's journey and follow them by using your Golden Hands when you feel worried, gain and understanding of good food and how that supports and nurtures as well and working through the workbook.

Through my Reiki healing clinic, I have had the great privilege to working with many young children who have been the inspiration behind this book…they are all using their Golden Hands!! After the Christchurch Quakes in 2010 and 2011, lots of parents brought their children to me who were suffering from anxiety and even some Post Traumatic Symptoms. This book gives hands on tools for children of all ages who find it difficult to support themselves when they feel anxious, ideas of how to maintain a healthy diet as well as a fun workbook.

A children’s guide to the Chakra system.

This book will open a world of healing opportunities for your child, as it is designed to capture his or her imagination on three levels.

  • The first and most basic is to encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables.
  • The next level introduces Sam and Sally, who learn to play the ‘Fruit Salad” game as introduced by Melissa, a guest speaker at their school.
  • On a third and deeper level, the book introduces the Chakra system: what the Chakras are and where they are in the body. By using their “Golden Hands”, they learn how to keep their Chakra system in balance when they are feeling sad or unhappy.

I hope you and your family enjoy the journey with Sam and Sally, it would be great to see everyone using their Golden Hands.

Blessings Phyllis 

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