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Angel Awareness In times of great change calling upon our angels can help us feel supported and loved. This serf tui.. Product #: Angel Awareness Regular price: $4.99 $4.99 In Stock

Angel Awareness

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Angel Awareness, call upon your angels today for a life changing experience. Angels are the messegers from the universe who are here to support us in our human experiences on earth.

From birth we have our Guardian Angel who will help us negoitate the trials we face on a day to day basis and for the bigger taks in life we can call up on the ArchAngels who can ispire us on our soul path.

This eBook will help you discover the roles Angel can play in our lives so you can feel that connection to them in time of need. The angel awareness eBook gives you an introduction to the angels, angelic realms, dimensions and all connected.

This course is brought to you by Phyllis Brown, Angel and Ascension teacher, author and persoanl life coach.

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