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Alleviating depression healing kit A carefully chosen crystal pack to help lift your mood and support your emotions.. Product #: Alleviating depression healing kit Regular price: $20.00 $20.00 In Stock

Alleviating depression healing kit

Price: $20.00

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Crystal healing kit 

This specially chosen combination of crystals helps in the following ways - 

Amethyst - natures natural emotional stabilizer, it helps calm a restless mind, bring your thinking into a more optimistic focus and helps with sleep allowing your body to rest and recuperate.

Rose Quartz - nurtures a sense of self love and self compassion, this will help you be less critical about yourself and look at yourself in a move compassionate way. This new way of looking at yourself will in turn help you  create a more positive opinion of your qualities, skills and persona. 

Smokey Quartz - improves your sense of goundedness, this helps you take a more practical look at your situation in any given event and which will assist in making really grounded decision.

With all 3 crystals working in harmony with each other you should find that you become more settled, well rested and taking a more realistic overview of your situation which will help you feel you are moving your life in a positive direction.