Reiki Master Teacher Training

Reiki Master Teacher Training

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Reiki Master Teacher Training, 10 month training program – Overview:

There is nothing quite like taking your students onto a path of healing as part of your healing practice.  The Teacher Training program is as long as you need the support, with a minimum of 10 months upto 12 months.  You will be supported with a comprehensive online course, with step by step guide to Reiki, how to create your manual, the attunements and supported with personal tuition from Phyllis in person or via video class. 

Here is what you will be able to teach - 

The 3 levels of attunement are:
- Reiki 1 – Shoden or first teaching.
- Reiki 2 – Okuden or inner teaching.
- Reiki 3 – Shinpiden or mastery level.

Plus Reiki Master Teacher level.

What are the attunement classes?
We will have an introduction class to set up our training program and you will start your development and learning at level 1 and proceed up the attunement levels when you feel the time is right for you. 

Here is what happens when you attune your students?
Once attuned, your students can start their healing practice giving healing to themselves, friends, family and clients. Reiki has no boundaries it can be used in all aspects of their life, family, and family pets. As they move up the attunement levels, they will be given more Reiki tools to widen their scope of healing and the depth of healing. They will be able to help with the following issues.

Your students can work on:
- Relationship issues
- Childhood issues
- Past live connections
- Anxiety
- Low self-esteem
- Future planning
- Connecting to Higher self
- Physical symptoms
- Manifesting your desired life outcomes
- Family relationships

Career opportunities:
Working with your clients or setting up a Reiki healing practice, you will have the full spectrum of healing tools, thus giving you a greater opportunity to help others and clients on their healing journey.

Courses I've done:
- Psychic development
- Angelology
- Channelling
- Reiki - Levels 1-3

I have done a few courses with Phyllis and have found her to be very genuine and knowledgeable. She provides a safe and supportive environment and always brings humour into her teaching. Taking these courses has helped me to unlock my intuition, discover new healing abilities and given me tools that I use on a daily basis.

I would highly recommend these courses to anyone wanting to further their spiritual growth and learn more about themselves.” – JC

Phyllis Brown Assoc CIPD:
Phyllis Brown believes in promoting the very best in healing modalities and self-help tools. In supporting your own healing, you can lead a more liberated life away from dogma that may be holding you back. Reiki is one such healing modality which does exactly that. Through all the levels of initiation you will heal yourself on many levels which in turn will open your spiritual channels so you can help others onto a path of light.

We stand by our comprehensive Reiki manuals and each Reiki Master Teacher has be monitored to the highest of standards so every student can be assured of an excellent experience when participating in a Reiki Attunement class.

The founder Phyllis Brown Assoc. CIPD is a practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki and all the Reiki Master Teachers are also trained in this tradition. By joining Phyllis and her Reiki Master Teachers on an attunement class, you can rest assured you will be guided through your Reiki process with a confidence and experienced Teacher.

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