5th Dimensional expansion through astral travel and soul expansion

5th Dimensional expansion through astral travel and soul expansion

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Introduction to 5th Dimensional energies through  astral travel and soul expansion 

We are living in new earth frequencies and vibrations, 5th Dimensional living. We all seek connection: we have a keen desire to feel part of something higher than ourselves, and to be supported as we move through the world. 

This course will open your higher frequencies and conscious connections that allow you to explore energy grids, pathways and other worldly beings.  

The Introduction to 5th dimensional energies through  Astral travel & soul connections enables you to:

  • Elevate your energy to the new 5th dimensional frequency
  • recognize out of body experiences
  • Feel energy shifts through activations
  • Work with Earth energy grids
  • Meet our soul family and attain soul healing
  • Work with the Solar Logos for new wisdom waiting for you

Phyllis will take you on a step by step process through the course curriculum, explaining each lesson in detail and experience what you have learned through lesson meditations 


Recommended preparation

Having an awareness of ascension teachings may be helpful 

Having the ability to channel energy would be beneficial

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