iFacilitate, power up your presentation skills  - online teacher training
iFacilitate, power up your presentation skills  - online teacher training
iFacilitate, power up your presentation skills  - online teacher training

iFacilitate, power up your presentation skills - online teacher training

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iFaciliator online teacher course – Overview

The aim of the course is to give you a clear path to understanding how to present our core course material in a professional and comprehensive manner. This module will help you understand how people learn, how to present information in a clear and imaginative way, and how to inspire your student to strive to continue with their own learning.

The iFacilitate is our corner stone product, it sets the bar for all our course facilitators who work under the banner of The Phoenix Light Foundation. Not only will this course give you an amazing set of tools to use while teaching, but a set of life skills you can utilize on your day to day life.

Recommended preparation

A desire to run your own spiritual based workshops and gain an understanding of how to help students in their understanding of their own journey by reflecting on your life journey so far.

Your online course includes :

  • iFaclitate manual 
  • Each module contains assignments on the module to check your understanding.
  • Video & audio classes with Phyllis on how to apply these teaching tools in your  courses
  • Teacher certification upon completion of course

 The iFacilitate Course enables you to:

  • Gain an understanding of how people learn.
  • Types of students and how to manage group dynamic.
  • How to engage students in course material.
  • How to use presentation tools within a workshop.
  • Build a business plan.
  • Set business goals.
  • Give your business a name and looking at the spiritual meaning of the name.
  • Creating a data base.
  • How to create advertising material.
  • Course available as an online self-tuition or physical class in Christchurch, NZ.

 Career opportunities

If you have a business within the complementary arena or are interested in starting a business, this course will give you  the foundation skills needed to help you understand what is required for a business and how to plan, set goals and advertise your new skills. Through participating and continuing your education you can gain several workshop certifications that will help build your business.


The Phoenix Light Foundation’s Teacher Training Program

Become a teacher with The Phoenix Light Foundation and help your friends, family and likeminded people enjoy the journey you have taken whilst participating in your course. Being a Teacher with the Foundation is a rewarding development in your spiritual development whilst creating a spiritual based business.

 Psychic Development Certificate Teacher.

  • Psychic Development Teacher
  • Tarot Reading Teacher.
  • Channelling for beginners Teacher.
  • Souls Journey Teacher.
  • Ascension with the Masters Teacher.
  • Midnfullness and quantum healing teacher.
  • Angelolgy ( study of Angels and angelic realms) teacher.
  • Animal Vibrational therapy Teacher.
  • Crystal Healing certificate teacher 101.
  • Crystal Healing certificate teacher 201.
  • Arcturian light healing certificate teacher 101.
  • Advanced Arcturian light healing certificate teacher 201.


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