Tarot 101

Tarot 101

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Be open to the hidden inspiration held within each card

Tarot reading has been practiced since the 15th century, and is used by thousands of people today to support and guide their decisions. Developing an understanding of Tarot and building a deep connection with your deck will help to guide you on your spiritual pathway.

You’ll learn to intuitively read Tarot cards, using your deck as a conduit for inspiration and knowledge from the spiritual realms. The insights you gain will strengthen your Clair sense, and your Tarot deck will become a trusted friend, an advisor to your spiritual life.

By the end of our Tarot 101 course you will understand the origins of Tarot, know how to read cards intuitively, and be familiar with a range of Tarot spreads. You will also be comfortable using your Tarot deck to read for others.

The Tarot 101 course enables you to:

  • Understand the history of Tarot
  • Learn about the Major and Minor Arcana
  • Learn a range of Tarot card spreads
  • Read multi card spreads
  • Give a reading to a client
  • Meditate with the Tarot as a daily exercise
  • Develop your intuitive skills
  • Read the cards intuitively
  • Understand client ethics when giving a reading

Required Materials & Recommended Preparation

You will need access to tarot card decks, pen and paper. Meditating with the Tarot cards is part of this course, so a quiet place to sit and contemplate is desirable. Having friends and family who are willing to have their cards read is also essential. Some awareness of intuitive skills is helpful, and practice at ready cards is helpful but not essential
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