12 Keys To Illumination Card Deck
12 Keys To Illumination Card Deck
12 Keys To Illumination Card Deck
12 Keys To Illumination Card Deck

12 Keys To Illumination Card Deck

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Described as ‘before their time”, ‘unique energy cards” and ‘extremely accurate messages” Join the growing spiritual community who are using these cards in their daily lives and healing clinics.

This inspirational deck of 48 cards will open your soul for deep healing through daily affirmations, intuitive messages as well as deep physical healing.

Explore the 12 chakra system, gain insights to your next move in life and unlock your own inner healing powers.


Card Review

"The encapsulated channeled wisdom enhances our innate understanding, encouraging clarity and awareness on our life pathway. A wonderful multi-dimensional tool for practitioners and individual souls alike."

• Suzanne Gibbs Reflexologist

"The 12 Keys to Illumination Deck has formed an integral part of my own healing journey and the work I do with others. I have used the cards in so many ways and they bring forward a depth in the messaging that I have never experienced with other cards. Each card helps to heal a fragment of the soul and helps us to understand where we currently are on our soul journey and what we need to do to move forward. The cards can be used for meditation purposes to receive healings and downloads or for readings and inspiration. The cards have helped me through some significant changes and provided clarity, support and direction. I feel these cars are unlike anything else I have worked with and will reinvent the meaning of oracle cards."

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