Teaching The Pillars of Excellence

The Phoenix Light School of Teaching is an online academy that educates talented lightworkers, spiritual entrepreneurs and educators in new skills and techniques to grow their own spiritual enlightenment. Our Teacher training program builds a home-based business that assists others to connect with their spiritual and divine purpose. The school brings like-minded people together as a community to offer the very best of their collective experience currently in our planet’s evolution.

Based on tried and tested courses with a proven track record of helping students and building educators income, The Pillars of Excellence are a great way to kick start your spiritual education business. 


Pick your pillar

The Divination Pillar

This is a one stop shop, everything you need to becoming a Divination teacher is right here, spiritual awareness, tarot reading, channeling energy - its all here!

The Crystal Pillar

harnessing the power of natural crystals has long been the most popular skill for our students, Become a crystal teacher and engage your clients with these exciting hands on classes.

The Arcturian Pillar

Explore this unique and highly evolved healing technique focusing on expanding your mind, body and spirit with Arcturian light.

The Ascension Pillar

Guide your students to find their soul purpose with a range of tools focused on personal development and ascension.