Tarot readings - The 4 pillars of life

Using 2 cards decks, The Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, and The 12 Keys to Illumination by Phyllis Brown, this reading is a comprehensive overview of the archetypes and energies working in tandem with you throughout the course of a twelve-month cycle.

Looking at your 4 Pillars, Health, wealth, career and love. I’ll provide a general overview of the esoteric and intuitive meanings of the cards. I’ll further provide my personal understanding of the card and how this relates to its traditional interpretation and what it means for you in each of the 4 pillars

The Spread

For the reading I’ll use a 10 card spread so look into your 4 pillars and 3 cards from the 12 Keys to Illumination deck. Combining the 2 decks together will give you a deeper spiritual meaning and the healing work necessary for the possible events that could occur.

Based on the traditional/intuitive messages gleaned from each card (and based on background information you provide me with) I’ll provide you a progressive overview of the energies working with you throughout the year.

Taking an overview of your reading in its entirety, I’ll deduce auspicious occasions for manifestation work and release work–these will rely solely on the interpretation of the reading itself. By focusing on the overview, I will be able to link event that may be spread over several months and a possible conclusion date.

Think of this reading as a roadmap that can help you set intentions, make resolutions, and set goals for the year ahead. Being forward is being forearmed as they say!

Likewise, it can help you decide the most opportune time to plan projects, shadow work, path work, etc. Whenever you feel yourself faltering, you can reference this reading as a source of guidance, direction, and inspiration.

What You’ll Get:

This reading is my most comprehensive offering to date. It is a 40min remote session  through live webchat via zoom. We will look at the 4 pillars of life-

  • Finances
  • Relationships/love life
  • Health
  • Career

Please include a brief paragraph explaining the obstacles that you’re facing and the focal points that you’d like the reading to include, this can be done at point of booking. This allows me to provide a reading that is tailored to your personal needs and concerns. Thank you for choosing me as your reader.

I wish you luck and success for the coming year!