Mindful Manifestation course

Mindful Manifestation course

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Create the life you want to live through healing your thought patterns

Are old, negative thought patterns holding you back from the positive and fulfilled life you deserves? Our belief systems - and the origins of these beliefs - have a significant impact on how successful we are in achieving our goals.

The Mindful Manifestation course takes you on a journey through your life to help remove old ways of thinking, and create positive outcomes through a new, more mindful way of thinking.

When you complete the course you’ll have a deeper awareness of the power of mindful manifestation, and will be able to confidently move towards a future you’ve chosen.

The Mindful Manifestation course enables you to:

  • Explore your own belief system, and the origins of these beliefs
  • Discover the relationship between your thinking and your reality
  • Develop strategies for dealing with negative or unexpected events in a positive, mindful way
  • Learn more about your own personality, and how to best use your strengths
  • Set goals mindfully for future success

Recommended Preparation

Be prepared to delve into who you are and the events that have shaped you in the past.

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