Psychic Development course - online study

Psychic Development course - online study

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The gateway to your intuition 

Are you ready to gain a greater understanding of your natural Intuitive or Psychic gifts? Unlocking your inner wisdom will help you find the path to a more connected, fulfilling life. 

Whether you’re just beginning to explore your natural gifts or already have some awareness of your psychic skills, the tools and exercises in the Psychic Development course are designed to refine and strengthen your abilities. You’ll flourish and grow as you work through the course content, and will be surprised and delighted by the power hidden within you.

The course provides a clear path to understanding your Clair senses, and to developing them further with each module you complete. It includes a broad range of topics and exercises, familiarising you with common Psychic tools, and helping you discover the skills and practices that suit your unique strengths.

By the end of the course you’ll have strengthened your psychic gifts, be more in tune with yourself, and be able to confidently trust your Clair senses.

Your online course includes :

  • Student course manual containing 10 modules.
  • Each module contains assignments on the module to check your understanding and facilitate your own soul healing.
  • Video & audio classes with Phyllis Brown 
  • Certification upon completion of course

The Psychic Development course enables you to:

  • Gain an understanding of what your clair senses are
  • Read Auras and ribbon reading
  • Use a pendulum/dowser in divination
  • Read tea leaves as a divination tool
  • Read Tarot and oracle cards
  • Tune into your guides, through the meditations within the video classes
  • Channel messages from your guides
  • Understand what Mediumship is, and how to connect to loved ones who have passed over

Required Materials & Recommended Preparation

You will need access to dowers, tea leaves, a ribbon set, crystal ball, tarot cards and oracle cards. These tools will allow your psychic gifts to come to the fore. Please contact us if you are unsure of where to find these and we can help.

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