Angelology evening class

Angelology evening class

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Do you have a love on Angels?

Starting 13th May 2021 - 7.30p - 9pm

Are you keen to learn more about how to connect with Angels?

Join me in this 10-week course in which we will look at the Angelic Realms and see how they can assist us in our everyday life.

The range of study will include our guardian Angels, Archangels, the higher realms and fallen Angels.
Here are a few of the topics you will participate in over the 10 week course.

Angel rays.
Healing with the Angels.
Manifesting with the Angels.
Chakra development.

Incorporating Virtues in your spiritual life with the Angels of the Virtue Realms.
World healing with the Principalities.
Each week will focus on an Angel, participate in a healing exercise, followed by a healing meditation.

Course fee $300 included manual, weekly group activity and meditation.

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