The path to release - self healing technique

The path to release - self healing technique

Following on from my blog about Empathic Sympathy - here is the Path to Release self healing technique I had described. 

It is vital on a soul level that we continue to practice self healing, this allows our soul growth and evolution as well as creating the best version of yourself everyday in every way. 

So, how do you practice this technique? 

First thing to do is identify the pain/emotion you are struggling with? This can be anything from anger/rage/guilt/depression/sorrow etc. 

Once you have identified the emotion that is dominant - sit with it and look at the cause of the pain. Is it your, something someone said etc Remember you are feeling the pain, no-one else, so own it!

Look at why you are feeling what you are feeling. Can you change things in your life? Can you move the pain to a better feeling? Can you see a more positive way of being/change

Let the feeling go and move into the new way of thinking and being. 

By practicing this method of healing you should find yourself coping with life's ups and downs with ease and feel more in control of your emotional well being. 



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