ESP - Extra Sensory Perception

ESP - Extra Sensory Perception

ESP – Extra Sensory Perception 

We have all heard of ESP but what is it? For myself as a young child I could always hear the unseen, even though I did not know what it was, hearing people was so real to me and I felt loved and supported by the unseen around me.

Our first and most important sense is our aura, it is our buffer to the outside world feeling and relaying to us everything we can not see. This buffer has the ability to trigger our flight/fight reaction or pure bliss.

Once we have the trigger, we then move into our physical sense centers, our “Clair” senses. These are-

  • Clairvoyant – seeing the unseen
  • Clairaudient – hearing the unseen
  • clairsentient – feeling the unseen
  • claircognizant – knowing the unseen

For most, we use our ESP everyday connecting to the unseen for guidance, support and even reassurance. They key thing to remember is that you are always connected to the unseen world around you, whether you are aware of your skills or not.

Our senses never switch off, they are constantly sending message to us, and once we get to recognize the signals you can begin to fully embrace your ESP.

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