End of an Era

End of an Era

End of an Era

All good things must come to an end!

September has been a month of change for our family relocating to our new office/warehouse and leaving Shand's Road behind which has been our home for the last 7 years. When we talk about an end of an era, we are really closing the door to an period of time in our life and opening a door to new opportunities in our life. For myself, the last 7 years has seen huge personal change, defining what I want, finding my soul purpose and releasing old aspects of myself. It was 7 years ago I  began my journey with The Phoenix Light Foundation, times seems so fleeting to me that I hardly believe it has been a 7 year process. 

That infamous 7 year itch! 

So what lies ahead? what will the new Era bring in? For many Covid19 has forced change upon us, making us find new ways for connecting, communicating and working. The doors are already open to being the new you! For myself I feel I have spent the last 7 years laying down the foundations to the new gateway before me. Changes in the social consciousness has made my work more relevant and accessible today which is wonderful to see. 

As I reflect on leaving our home at Shand's Road I am reminded of all the wonderful classes, students, clients and events that took place in that space, from Pow-wow's in the Tipi, to Reiki attunements in the garden under the blossom tree.  I feel blessed to have been in such an amazing location but also hopeful for the future, a place that looks different but still exciting. 

As always when we close doors there can still the stands to the past that pop up, l have had a few blasts from the past popping in, but in listening to my body, there is no lingering emotion just recognition of a time in the past that is finished. This is beautiful confirmation of all the healing work that has taken place and how far I have come on my personal healing path. 

September was a month of reflection as we move into summer and the newness it brings into our lives. The Sun, heat and blue sky's lifts our spirits to such an extent we feel alive with newness. I for one am welcoming the new aspects in my life, the Spiritual Clinic is going well with topics that you want to hear and discuss, the online academy moving into a new era of its own with new courses open and new students registering. Yes September has been a transformation month bringing in a new era.

What has September been for you? have you closed some doors and opened new ones? Whatever September has been, hold onto the new energy flowing our way, it seems that with global shifts happening, there my be light at the end of the tunnel. People are ready for change on so many levels, let the light roll in. 

Take care for now and embrace change.

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