El Morya – ascended master of the first ray – the blue ray

El Morya – ascended master of the first ray – the blue ray


To work with an ascended master is to take mastery of yourself, you are committed to making changes that will help evolve your soul onto the or into a new chapter of spiritual awareness.

For myself, speaking up and being heard has been a long held challenge. Feeling like I had nothing work saying help me back in many aspects of my lift and it was not until I was in my mid 20’s did I find my Voice.

El Morya has helped many students of ascension like myself to find their own inner confidence in opening up our voices, thoughts and feelings. The blue ray is all about communication, as the keeper of the blue ray, El Morya’s is here to support us as we connect to our soul and speak from the heart. He will instill courage, strength and pull you out of your stagnant thinking so you can start to speak about the life you want to live – thus creating the live you want to live.

If you are in a place of stagnation then simply send your thoughts out to El Morya, call upon him to help you find your voice so you too can create the life you want to live.

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