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Spiritual guidance and soul healing sessions

Gifted with clair audience skill from an early age, I have developed and invested in my natural abilities by adding many healing tools to my skill base, which I use to help my clients come to terms with what is happening in their lives.

What to expect from a session:

  • We start with a consultation session to assess your needs
  • We look at what the session will consist of
  • A mix of healing techniques may be used for your session
  • The session is recorded for you as an audio MP3

  • You may feel light in body or spirit after the session
  • You may feel emotional during the session
  • You may feel tired  after the session
  • You may require more than one session to accomplish your desired healing outcome


 I offer a wide range of one to one and couple  sessions:

  • Spiritual and soul readings
  • Energetic healings - Crystal, Reiki and Arcturian Healing
  • Theta ® healing session - Individual sessions and couple session
  • Transform Your Life session - individual session, couple sessions as well as group work.  I am a qualifed Transform Your Life Coach with the Diana Cooper School based in the UK.

Cartomancy - Tarot and Oracle card readings 

I started my spiritual guidance career with giving Tarot Card readings to my clients, Cartomancy has been a skilled used since the 14th century as a form of divination. I have over the many years used various types of cards in a card reading from Tarot, Angel cards, unicorn cards and shaman cards. Each deck has it's own frequency and vibration which will appeal to you as the client. 

What to expect in a Cartomancy session

  • You will be given a choice of cards decks to suit your vibration
  • You will be asked to shuffle the deck while thinking about your situation you are looking for guidance on
  • We will choose cards from the deck and interpret the images, feelings, vibrations and meaning of the cards

All session are $140 

To book a session email me here.